Our Strategy

Southeast Kansas Outfitters has 5 key steps in growing Monster Bucks!


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1. “Genetics” We are blessed here in Kansas to have outstanding genetics. It is not uncommon to harvest bucks in the 250-300 lb. range. This section of Kansas has produced many bucks scoring in the 180+ range and several non-typical bucks in the 225-275 range.
“So we have the genes”


2. “Nutrition”  We have planted food plots with clover and oats. Cropland planted with corn, beans, milo, and wheat. Hardwood timber loaded with acorns and pecans, wild persimmon and apple trees, wild prairie grass and fescue, so our deer herds have plenty of  protein  and carbohydrates to eat and help them grow through out the year. The soil here in eastern Kansas is rich in minerals , which help develop antler growth.


3. “Low Hunting Pressure” We take only a small limited number of hunters each year, and only allow one to four hunters per year on each piece of property. When you arrive to hunt you can be assured no one has been hunting your stand the night before, Unlike other outfitters we don’t do the “number thing” and most areas only hunted one week per year to keep the hunting pressure off the deer.


4. “Let the Bucks Grow” A hunter must be able to pass on the little bucks. Let the buck grow to his full potential. Southeast Kansas Outfitters imposes a $500. Fee on any buck harvested under 130 class and encourages hunters to harvest bucks at least 4 years old and in the 140 and up range.


5. “Sanctuary” We provide our deer with thick bedding areas with no access allowed to let the deer go undisturbed all year. This creates a Sanctuary that holds deer on property.


Combine all these steps together and it makes for our bucks to grow ‘Big and Old”.