Frequently Asked Questions

Tips and Gratuities???


We work hard to make your hunt as successful as possible and although tips are not mandatory they are appreciated. On avg. hunters pay 5-15% of total cost of hunt.


What type of weather can I expect during my hunt?


Sept.-Oct.- muzzle loader season. Cool mornings and evenings with days avg. 60-80
Nov.- Archery season. Fall weather anything from teens to 50’s
Dec- Rifle-Archery season. Winter weather,  single digits-40‘s, snow possible.
This is the Mid-west and weather can make a drastic change in a matter of minutes, hunters should bring gear for all types of weather.


When is the rut?


Peak rut in this part of Kansas is usually around Nov 15th but It’s not uncommon to see bucks  chasing doe during the Dec. rifle season.


How much game can I expect to see?


Slow days can be anything from seeing only doe to 10-15 bucks a day depending on deer movement. You might go a couple days seeing nothing but young bucks to all of a sudden seeing several shooter bucks in a days hunt.


What size deer can I expect to shoot?


This is a fair chase hunt, no high fence, we can not guarantee hunters will kill a buck, but we have had a  90% success on hunters shooting  bucks between 140-190 class.


How many other hunters can I expect in camp during my hunt?


Unlike other outfitters we do not do “the numbers thing”. Most weeks we only hunt 2-4 hunters, with a maximum of 8 hunters per week.


Closest Major Airport?


Kansas City, Mo is 130 north of Arma, Ks
Tulsa, Ok is 130 south of Arma. Ks

Is there cell service where I am hunting?


Yes, most of our property has good cell service


What is the average distance of shots taken?


Archery 10-30 yds.        Rifle -Muzzle loader 70-200 yds.


Will I need a spotting scope?


No, But hunters should have good quality binoculars and a range finder. I always say “optics are more important then your weapon” buy the best you can afford.


Is there a major Hospital nearby?


Yes, We have several major hospitals within a 10-30 min. drive from our hunting property.


Is there a Sporting Goods store nearby?


Yes, Pittsburg has a Wal-Mart, and Johns Sports Center. Kansas City has  Bass Pro and Cabelas


Is there a Taxidermist nearby?


YES, there is a taxidermist nearby. We will cape and mount your trophy for you or prepare your trophy to take home.


Is there a meat processor nearby?


YES, there are two processors nearby.


What is the population of Arma, Pittsburg, and Parsons?


Arma- 1,500